Welcome to the SERC blog!

Why does the Sheridan Elder Research Centre (SERC) need a blog?

  • The topic of aging is everywhere in the popular media. We frequently run across newspaper articles, YouTube videos, and other media that we feel would be interesting for people involved with SERC. This is an easy way to immediately share the news that we feel is interesting and/or important to older adults.
  • In addition to email and snail mail, this is a quick way to let people know about upcoming research opportunities and educational outreach events at SERC.

Two important parts of the blog so far:

  • Our Movies & Munchies update. Every month, SERC is hosting a movie and discussion event where we’ll show a movie featuring older adults. After the movie, we will discuss the way that older adults and aging were portrayed – both the positive and negative. We’ll post here what the upcoming movie of the month will be.
  • SERC is reading… Some sites we keep up with are constant sources of interesting links and stories about the issues of aging. This list will be comprised of these sites – so you can read what we are reading. The first up: The New Old Age blog from the New York Times.

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