The Centre for Active Aging Art Group

Who are we?
We are seniors (60 to 92 years of age) who deeply value the experience of sharing and supporting creative pursuits. The majority of the members work at the intermediate or advanced level in at least one medium. In addition to participating in our classes, many members take workshops and courses offered by other institutions and engage in individual or small group study using books/videos from libraries or private collections, watching televised art instruction shows, and using Internet lessons and videos to further develop their skills and knowledge.

All art group members are also members of the Centre for Active Aging ($27.27 for Mississauga residents and $32.92 for qualifying non-residents). In addition, we charge an annual $5 club membership fee, and $35 to $55 for each session depending on its length. The centre’s activity fee ($1.00 per person) is included in our course fee or collected individually for the Saturday studio work. In addition, we buy our own supplies and occasionally make use of a various supplies we have collected over the years. Sessions are 4 to 6 weeks with instruction, demonstration, exercises, and individual guidance.

In 1974, the Centre for Active Aging (then known as the Mississauga Senior Citizen’s Centre) located in Ontario, Canada, opened and 14 enthusiastic artists began sharing their interests and talents under the direction of Shirley Erskine. In 1989, a second section was added and the group took over responsibility for hiring and paying the instructors. Talented local artists teach both traditional and innovative techniques in various styles including abstraction, using pencil, ink, pastel, water colour and acrylic.

Working from our own resource material, we paint all subject matter from still life to the human figure. We are regularly surprised by, and admiring of, the finished works that reflect each member’s unique style and personality.

We maintain an active waitlist whose members join us whenever regular members are absent. We are fortunate to have some members from the original group still active and willing to share their extensive knowledge and experience.

What are the benefits?
The mix of creativity, learning and friendship enriches our lives, keeping us engaged and active. Many of us regularly stay after class for a light lunch in the centre’s cafeteria. There we share life’s joys and frustrations, tell stories from our past, discuss issues of interest, and pass around photos of our trips, pets and family. We often go on outings to art shows, movies, local events, and participate in many of the centre’s other activities such as the spring picnic, the Christmas lunch, and Valentine’s lunch.

Is our work on show and available for sale?
We offer a continuously changing display of 30-40 pieces in the centre’s main hall which visitors may view at their leisure. Since 1979 we have held an annual Art Show and Sale offering 350+ original works in a variety of media. Artists choose which of their pieces to exhibit. We offer unframed, matted, and framed works and a large collection of original art cards. Click
here for information about our next show.


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