The Longevity Revolution

“There have been many revolutions over the last century,” said Jane Fonda, “but perhaps none as significant as the longevity revolution.”
Fonda, an Oscar-winning actor, a prominent activist and a best-selling fitness guru, addressed her audience about what she refers to as ” life’s third act” in the following episode of TEDxWomen, a division of TEDTalks.  Although the segment targets the aging woman, it is applicable to men as well.
Fonda focuses on aging and overcoming the many “difficulties” that may be faced on a day-to-day basis; they must be challenged.  Staying active and engaged in this quickly developing world is important for the aging psyche and healthy living.
Technology plays a large role in society, and it is hard to stay “connected” when constant innovations are released monthly.  SERC recognizes the stress it can cause on older adults and believes it is important that they stay engaged with these ever-changing products.  That’s why SERC opened the Internet Cafe. It’s where older adults can participate in an applied research project where they receive technology tutoring from volunteers.  Run by the Elder Technology Assistance Group (ETAG), their aim is to help participants embrace the digital world and improve everyday life.
ETAG’s mission is stated clearly on the front page of their website:
“From computers, email, and Facebook, to MP3 players, digital cameras, and iPad’s, ETAG’s volunteer technology tutors help seniors learn how to use just about anything that plugs into the wall or runs on a battery.”

To inquire further about participating or becoming a volunteer, click here.


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