Retirement, it isn’t the end

I don’t think that retirement is easy.  It appears as if there is an assumption that has been made – once you get to the point in your life where you are ready to step away from the workforce, and really “start living,” you essentially travel.  But not everyone can, or wants to, pick up and backpack across Europe, climb mountains in the Andes, or sip champagne within the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.
Sometimes it may feel like retirement living is not a stage anyone looks forward to, or wants to risk “going into.”  But that’s the wrong idea!  There are many different activities that older adults can partake in besides spending time with family (but by all means that is not discouraged!).
If you are living in a retirement home, finding and participating in a workshop, art class, or other events within the community becomes beneficial to your social engagement.  It encourages seniors to make relationships and bond over similar interests.  Maybe I’m naïve, but I’ve played a few good rounds of bocci ball and shuffleboard with my grandparents.  Competition is healthy, and it keeps older adults active!  The important thing to consider when looking for a retirement home is to review the number of planned activities each centre may offer and determine whether or not it caters to you.
Community outings are also a commonly planned event with seniors.  Many residences plan outings throughout the year to museums, shopping, bowling, casinos, breakfast, luncheons, dinners and all that in-between.  Retirement isn’t a trap; it offers an abundance of opportunities that keep people 65 + going!
Support is the number one key for making seniors comfortable with their decision to not only move into retirement homes, but can be essential to health and well-being of the older adult.  SERC is conducting a needs assessment to determine the ways in which an Internet‐based network might benefit both support providers and support recipients. A particular goal of this questionnaire is to explore ways to connect support providers, regardless of where they live.
The Centre is interested in hearing your thoughts about the function of this proposed network to help us better work towards its implementation.

If you are interested in participating, please click here


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