Aging in Peel

Aging is inevitable.   And in a fast-paced society that develops quickly, sometimes it feels impossible.  Keeping up seems harder while being in “the know” seems irrelevant, considering something new will inevitably come along.  Television, once a created entertainment value, is now equally full of reality TV shows.  Whether it’s The Bachelor or Bachelorette, Jersey Shore, Big Brother, Hoarders, Survivor… the list is endless.  The question is, how does this become relevant to living today?  Depending on who you are and what you enjoy watching, these shows can either be creative geniuses or a waste of time.  Personally, I’m of the latter – with the exception of Big Brother – but I digress.
As an aging adult, coping with the environment that appears to be dominated by brands and the hottest “it” product can be challenging.  Why do you need Abercrombie & Fitch’s newest line?  Who’s Hollister? Guess what?  Now, by no means am I telling you what does, or does not, matter, because by all means, you may have been able to tell me that the last three things I mentioned were clothing stores – rock on!  What I am here to tell you, is about Rogers TV and its partnership with Peel Senior Link to bring you a weekly program about senior’s issues and independent living.
Rogers’ website describes this new show – Aging in Peel – as one that “will provide the public with knowledge and information about a broad range of topics of interest and challenges faced by a large, diverse, and rapidly growing aging population in Peel, and how to access support services for clients and caregivers.”
Tune in on Wednesday nights at 6 P.M. (cable 10 in Mississauga), and see SERC’s Pat Spadafora co-host; let us know what you think!
Click here for Mississauga & Brampton showtimes.
Click here for Orangeville, Caledon and Bolton showtimes.

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