Turning Point

Growing up is hard to do.  But according to The Toronto Star, “studies show that we get happier as we get older, we’re often just afraid of change.”  And I don’t disagree.  Life doesn’t get easier, but it becomes more manageable.  We begin to find our likes, and our dislikes. This, however, is not always a cinch to grasp. 
In an article that was recently released by The Star, Turning Point: Over 50? We can help you change your life, they have extended an invitation for the opportunity to be paired up with an expert – a life coach, trainer, stylist, accountant, etc. – that will help aging adults with their transformation. 
Take Lisa Larkin, 51, for example.  The Grade 8 school dropout, who spent most of her years taking classes in counseling to achieve her dream in becoming a therapist, was accepted into graduate school at the University of Toronto in September.  She is working towards earning her masters in social work.
Sometimes, we need a little push in the right direction to help us achieve our goals, and The Toronto Star wants to help.            
The Star reminds us, “Grandma Moses was 71 when she picked up a paintbrush. Ronald Reagan was first elected to political office at 55. Nellie McClung was 57 when she and four other pioneering feminists won the fight to have women declared legal “people” in Canada.”
So, what’s stopping you?

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