Talk That Talk: Alzheimer’s

A few months ago, in the post Living a full life, despite Alzheimer’s, we focused on bringing awareness to Dementia and the affects that Alzheimer’s has on an individual, such as causing problems with memory, thinking and behavior.  It’s a quiet disease with a progression that varies, but it’s affects on the individual and their family and friends are quite similar.
Living with Alzheimer’s is not an easy feat, nor is watching a loved one suffer with it.  It changes the atmosphere of a home, or relationships that have been built.  And sometimes the person you once knew is no longer “present”.  Although there are research facilities that strive to find a cure, there are preventative measures and ways to cope with this life-changing disease.

SERC is inviting you to ‘Acceptance and Adaptation’ (understanding Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementia) talk at Sheridan College on March 28 at 7 p.m..  This discussion, headed by Kim Fitzpatrick, will focus on what the disease is, how loved ones can manage the life-changes it brings, validation therapy and more. 

SERC Information for March 28

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