Innovations are life-changing

Improving technology, at the extended rate it moves today, is overwhelming and can even be risky.  But it proves successful when it has positive results, especially within the health-care industry.
“The Solitaire flow-restoration device” (no this is not a card game) is a new gadget that earned federal approval a month ago in the United States.  According to the article on Healthzoneit “is used in the brains of stroke patients much like an artery-opening angioplasty procedure for heart blockages.”
The device is supposed to help improve the care of patients who have suffered a stroke.  “Studies of the new device in Europe and Canada show that it significantly improved stroke outcomes.”
Created by Covidien of Dublin, Ireland, the procedure is to be minimally invasive.  “Doctors thread a thin tube through an artery — typically in the top of the leg—up to the brain. Then they advance within that tube another instrument with a miniature, slinky-like stent to the blockage. The stent expands and helps doctors remove the clot more easily. To be sure the blockage is entirely removed, doctors take pictures of the arteries.”
Today, technology is unavoidable.  But there are many benefits besides utilizing it for our entertainment, and the health industry is just one example.

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