Technology Detecting Dementia

As the digital age continues to progress through its numerous development stages – size, durability, efficiency, etc., we, as the users and consumers, are somehow convinced they (cell phones, laptops, tablets) are objects that we need to operate in society.  We obviously don’t need them, but they are a luxury that provides us with the ability to stay connected with the rest of the world.
Evidently, digital technology has become an interwoven part of life; of which, many have embraced. It’s a form of communication, a gateway that connects you with others, allowing you to explore, share, and immerse yourself into a realm of stories (both fact and fiction), games, and so-on-and-so-forth.
But while we are streaming the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy to our computers, or trying to insert the last few numbers to our latest Sudoku game on the iPad, Cambridge Cognition, a company in the United Kingdom, has developed an app that could essentially, change lives.
The company, which delivers most of the world’s leading cognitive tests, created CANTABmobile– an application that helps doctors detect dementia in its earliest stages, when treatment is most beneficial, Cult of Mac reports.
The website summarizes the app as follows:
“CANTABmobile provides an easy to use memory test that assesses a patient’s short-term memory using a series of challenges, such as remembering a series of symbols. It takes less then ten minutes, and once the process is complete, the app delivers instant results with suggestions on how doctors should proceed with their diagnosis.”
The system isn’t a doctor, but helps narrow down the course of action doctors can take with their patients so there is less of a chance of a misdiagnosis.  Just because a patient is having memory recall problems, doesn’t necessarily mean they have dementia.
This new development in technology is a benefit for many individuals who may be suffering from early signs of dementia.  It gives doctors a non-invasive look into how our brains may be functioning.  Technology is great.  Our computers and phones easily store email and text, among other things, on their system hard-drives… but now, technology is being formulated to allow us the opportunity to maintain our own memories, longer.
How do you feel about this?
To see more watch the video below:

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