What’s Your Must-Have Gadget or Gizmo?

This week is an exciting week for high-tech gadgets, and even more so for older adults. The IFA, which is the leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, opened its doors Friday for its annual six-day trade show in Berlin.  Companies flocked to show off their latest tech-savvy development. What’s even more impressive? This year, the electronics fair is offering guided tours for the over-60 age group, to show them what’s new and hot for the market of a certain demographic.
According to Eurostat, Berlin had the most inhabitants over the age of 65 in Europe. Along with the latest smart TVs, tablets and high-end coffee-makers, you could find new mobile phones with bigger buttons, robotic vacuum cleaners to make household chores a little easier, and the latest in hearing aid technology, reports Bangkok Post. 
With all these new developments, the aging adult will have a wider selection of technological toys to play with that will not only be fun to explore, but can help improve daily tasks. If doctors are starting to turn to the uses of smartphones and tablets to help them help their patients understand a diagnosis or prescription, then shouldn’t technology be developed so that anyone, regardless of age, can use it?
Leana Wen, 29, who is completing her medical residency in emergency medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, say’s that she “finds her smartphone as handy as her stethoscope. Its apps help her quickly figure out proper medicine doses for critically ill patients, or translate medical instructions for Spanish-speakers. That means she doesn’t have to wait for a hospital translator to arrive, and she thinks it makes patient care safer,” reports the Calgary Herald.
As the health care industry moves toward the development of applications for phones that help patients monitor their own prescription doses, or set a reminder for when they should take their next pill, development of easy-to-use gizmo’s are important, and demand for them is increasing.
So tell us – what is your must-have device? What gadget do you think needs to be improved? How do you think they can be improved? We want to hear from you!


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