Image courtesy of Stockvault.net

If you could pick up a pen, what would you draw? If you could dip a brush into a can of paint, what would your canvas display? If you could grab a pile of clay, what would you mold?
Making something from nothing. That’s the idea of being an artist: the ability to create just about anything, from anything. You possess the freedom of expression, and how you choose to display it is up to you. But it’s not the only way to be creative.
Take 51-year-old Andrew Witten for example. Although he may be considered to be at a stereotypical time in his life where he may be “vulnerable” to experiencing a “mid-life crisis,” Witten walks to the beat of a different drum. What kind of beat you may ask? A creative one.
Although he is a single father, reports The Huffington Post’s article, 1970s NY Graffiti Artists Still Have Urge To Tag, he enjoys delving into an “old” pastime of his: graffiti. And although he admits to The Post that he is “chronologically old to be out there doing it,” his passion has always been “spray-painting extravagant graffiti pieces.” Now, resorting to a black marker in hand, he leaves his signature wherever he gets the opportunity to do so.
It’s a little unorthodox, but what it means is that it doesn’t matter how you go about being creative, what matters is that you find a way to do it. Although we aren’t condoning you to run around the city and mark up the walls… seeing as there could be a penalty to face if you were caught; what matter’s is that you find something that you get a thrill for doing.
The days of youth are not behind you, they are merely waiting for you to start expressing yourself creatively again. Whether it’s changing your look, drawing a picture, seeing the world, or writing something, as long as you are engaged, your message will find a way to get through.
If you’re passionate about aging creatively, tweet #creativeaging and tell us how you plan to do it. Follow us here: http://www.twitter.com/serclab


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