Healthy Eating

Group Of Senior Couples Enjoying Meal TogetherDeciding what you want to eat, regardless of the time of day, isn’t always an easy thing to do. It’s a small errand but one that many of us take for granted. Making a trip to the grocery store can be a monumental feat for some older adults. Whether it is a physical challenge you’re facing or whether you simply don’t have the motivation, what do you end up doing? How can this hurt you in the long run?

According to a Statistics Canada report, a recent article published by CBCnews Health indicated that a third of seniors are at risk of being undernourished. Of the many Canadians aged 65+ , 34 per cent are at nutritional risk.

“Nutrition is a building block for optimal health,” report author Pamela Ramage-Morin said in a statement. “We know that undernourishment can lead to falls [and] it can lead to hospitalization.”

There are a number of factors that can cause undernourishment for older Canadians. These include how often they shop, the difficulty of cooking, health issues such as swallowing, the amount of money they have to spend per shopping trip and depression and loneliness.

The report found that older women were more likely than men to be at a nutritional risk.

However, healthy eating and ensuring you maintain a balanced diet has many health benefits. It can help prevent the spread of infection and help fight off flu season. It can even give you the energy to become more physically active.

March is Nutrition Month.  If you haven’t already attended a community event that discusses healthy eating, take a look and see if there is still time to join one. We know that hi Collaborative, in Mississauga, ON., is having an education session on healthy lifestyle tips with  Dr. Praveen Bansal from the Mississauga Halton/Central West Regional Cancer Program tonight.  And of course, there is no harm in reaching out to a nutritionist on your own time to sit down and speak with them about making changes to your diet.


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