Recipes for Staying Cool and Eating Well

“As you get older, you need fewer calories but more nutrients.” Eat Right Ontario

When the hot sultry days of summer are upon us, it becomes a challenge to create a meal without turning on the stove. Keeping your home cooler is a great reason not to turn on the stove but how do we create nutritious meals without turning on the heat?

Fortunately, Ontario has an abundance of local fruits and vegetables available this time of year. According to Foodland Ontario, August is ripe for 14 of the 19 fruits grown in Ontario. Fruit smoothies are one of the most delicious and nutritious ways to enjoy the current bounty of fresh fruit (and they cool you down!). Enjoy a yummy strawberry smoothie for breakfast. Getting the daily recommended 7 servings of fruits and vegetables is deliciously easy this time of year. A Guide to Healthy Eating for Older Adults suggests putting fresh fruit on top of your morning cereal as an easy way to get a serving of fruit.

Foodland Ontario states that 40 of the 45 vegetables grown in Ontario are available in August. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada provides a cool gazpacho soup recipe that is ‘perfect for a hot summer day and a great way to get a serving of vegetables’.

Valuable nutritional information for older adults can be found on the Eat Right Ontario website. Take the ‘Eating Habits Survey’ and find out if you are choosing the right foods to help you stay healthy and active. The Menu Planning section suggests a ‘Cooks Night Off’ dinner of rotisserie cooked chicken (available from your local grocery store), mixed raw veggies: cucumbers, tomato wedges, carrots, peppers (1cup) with 2 tbsp ranch dip and 1 slice whole-grain baguette.

Whenever eating raw fruits or vegetables it is important to wash the produce well and follow the tips provided on the Everyday Tips for Washing Vegetables and Fruit page of the Eat Right Ontario website. In addition, the Government of Canada offers a Safe Food Handling Guide for Adults 60+.

The Dietician’s of Canada point out that even though nutritional needs may change as you age, eating well is always an important way to stay healthy. Check Canada’s Food Guide to ensure you are eating a well balanced diet. If you have any questions about nutrition and healthy eating speak with a Registered Dietician by calling 1-877-510-5102. This toll free service is brought to you by Eat Right Ontario.


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