The Longevity Revolution: Alexandre Kalache, MD, PhD

Alex Kalachi

Sheridan Elder Research Centre (SERC) is very proud to announce Alexandre Kalache, MD, PhD, as the guest speaker at our 10th Anniversary Celebration on September 6th.

Alexandre (Alex) Kalache, MD, PhD, is a world-renowned expert, advocate and activist who works tirelessly to promote awareness of global ageing issues. During his tenure as Clinical Lecturer at Oxford University, Dr. Kalache was one of the first voices to raise the importance of ageing as a development issue. In 1995, Dr. Kalache moved to Geneva, Switzerland, to direct the Global Ageing Programme at the World Health Organization (WHO). Under his leadership, the WHO launched a series of ground-breaking initiatives that continue to have enormous significance. Two of these are WHO’s Active Ageing Policy Framework and the global movement on Age-Friendly Cities. In his current roles as President of the International Longevity Centre in Brazil, Senior Advisor on Global Aging at the New York Academy of Medicine and HelpAge International Global Ambassador on Ageing, Dr. Kalache continues to contribute to a paradigm shift in perspectives on ageing, both in terms of positivity toward longevity and a strengthened focus on the life-course approach to ageing and health.

At SERC’s 10th Anniversary event Dr. Kalache will talk about how ‘nothing will ever look the same again’! Worldwide, societies are ageing. Life expectancy at birth has increased by more than 30 years over the last century and continues to grow. Globally, the proportion of older people now at 11% will double over the next four decades. The implications of this unprecedented demographic shift can already be felt in all aspects of society, and will be even more profound as the “Longevity Revolution” takes its course. This presentation will explore how different sectors are responding to this phenomenon and suggest policies that need to be put in place if we are to ensure that population ageing, intrinsically a major societal achievement, becomes a force for positive change on a global scale.

Please join us for this exciting event celebrating SERC’s 10th anniversary with
Alexandre Kalache, MD, PhD. RSVP by Friday, August 30 to: Paulina Camino, 905.845.9430 x 8617 or


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