Celebrate National Seniors Day on October 1

msd-jna-eng“National Seniors Day is a way for Canada to celebrate seniors for their generous contribution to our families, our communities, our workplaces and our country. Celebrating the day annually will help raise awareness about seniors’ contributions and the important roles they play in Canadian society.”     Government of Canada

On October 1, 2011 Canada celebrated it’s first annual National Seniors Day. The day was established by the federal government to pay tribute to older adults who, “have helped build our country and continue to make valuable contributions to Canadian communities, workplaces and society”. Since October 1, 1990 the international community has been helping to raise awareness of older adult issues by observing the United Nations International Day of Older Persons. October 1st is a worldwide opportunity to not only honour older adults but to advocate for ideas that have the potential to improve their quality of life.

Not sure how to pay tribute to the older adults in your life? The Government of Canada has provided resources to support Canadians who want to commemorate older adults. Listed below are just some of the resources that are available on the National Seniors Day website:

  • Postcard – Send a National Seniors Day electronic postcard, or download a postcard to say thanks to the older adults you know.
  • Poster – Download or print a National Seniors Day poster that you can place in your office, community centre or other local organization.
  • Certificate of Appreciation – Know an older adult who is making a real difference in the lives of others? Celebrate them with a certificate of appreciation.
  • Plan an Event – The Government of Canada would like to know how communities are celebrating older adults. Please send the government an email to tell them about your upcoming National Seniors Day event.

The Sheridan Elder Research Centre (SERC) provides a unique environment for the conduct of applied research into areas of practical concern and immediate relevance to older adults. SERC has been delivering real results from LAB TO LIFE™ for ten years by developing, testing and implementing innovative solutions to improve the daily lives of older adults and their families. At SERC we celebrate older adults every day!


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