Networking Old School

Older adults are dusting off their resumes and adapting new networking technology in the hunt for meaningful employment. But wait, easy on the tweets; face-to-face meetings and a good handshake are still relevant. In today’s tough job market successful networking is a combination of the old and new.

According to the Brazen Careerist, ‘retro-networking’ is a great way to build business relationships. Their blog Brazen Life suggests six ways to retro-network.

1. Philanthropize
Meet well-connected people, with shared interests by getting involved with nonprofit organizations, art and history museums, historical societies, or botanical gardens, to name a few.

2. Leave home
Travel opens up fabulous business networking opportunities. Before your trip, book a golf game at your destination with fellow business travelers using an online golf club.

3. Plug in to a ‘connector’
At your next party or gathering, look around and locate the man or woman who seems super confident, is surrounded by people jostling for his or her attention, and seems to know them all by name. That’s the connector. Find a way to introduce yourself to the connector and you’ll gain access to a whole new community.

4. Link up from LinkedIn
If you have a repeat visitor on LinkedIn, view it as a professional compliment and get in touch. The invitation to meet face-to-face is a meaningful gesture that can generate a new professional contact.

5. Break bread with others
Everybody has to eat, so why waste a great networking opportunity by noshing at home or alone? Invite colleagues to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with you.

6. Make dates with schoolmates
Getting back in touch with your fellow alumni is smart. Sign up for the alumni newsletter from your high school, college, or business school. Here you’ll learn about networking events nearby and in cities where you travel for business.

We would like to offer you an opportunity to network at our Business of Aging: Information Exchange Network (BA:IEN) quarterly breakfast meeting on January 29. BA:IEN brings together business and industry leaders working in or interested in the field of aging.

BAIEN mtg Jan 29_14 FINAL

CARP is offering a ‘Work Re-imagined?… Work Re-created?… Re-employment is for you’ event on February 24, for individuals 45+ who are looking for a new career.




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