Marketing Products and Services to Older Consumers

from Jane2 2 oaOver the next few generations, the worldwide proportion of older persons will increase tenfold to 1 in 4. By 2021, Ontario alone will be home to approximately three million older adults – more than double the number in 1998. Businesses wishing to respond to this shift require a greater level of understanding of the needs and wants of this aging demographic.

On Thursday, June 12, the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research will present a one-day, interactive conference called the Age Aware Summit, at the Sheridan College Oakville Campus. The summit will help businesses develop strategies to communicate effectively with the growing demographic of older consumers.

The event will feature internationally recognized author Dick Stroud of the UK-based consultancy 20plus30. Speaking in Canada for the first time, Stroud will discuss the business implications of physiological aging.

Stroud points out that, “It is astonishing how many companies stop researching and targeting people once they reach the age of 65. Customers who are grouped into the ‘65+ category’ include as much diversity and buying power as their baby boomer juniors.”

Conference participants are requested to bring their ideas and existing marketing strategies to the session, which they’ll critique in real-time using lessons from the day – all to be recorded in a conference workbook that will be issued in advance.  A panel of business and government representatives will share their perspectives on this market segment. The early bird rate of $195 is in effect until May 1, following that the cost rises to $225.

To register for the conference, please contact Paulina Camino by calling 905.845.9430 x8617 or email




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