4 Ways Our Blog Just Got Better

The Aging Matters blog is evolving. We will continue to bring you the latest news, events and ideas on aging every Wednesday but with a new and improved structure to make sure we cover all the topics our readers are interested in. Here’s what you can look forward to in the months ahead:

  1. The Business of Aging
    By 2025, more than 20% of the Canadian population will be over 65. This demographic shift provides unprecedented, immediate business opportunities for companies that respond to the wants and needs of older Canadians and their families.On the first Wednesday of every month, we will share current news, trends and events related to the aging marketplace. Topics will include everything from ways to effectively market to baby boomers, to highlighting entrepreneurs who are transforming the marketplace (and workplace) to meet the demands and needs of an aging population.The Centre established a Business of Aging: Information Exchange Network (BA:IEN) in 2012 that provides a forum for business and industry leaders to come together to discuss business opportunities and to share information and ideas about diversifying their markets and expanding their focus to benefit older consumers. For more information please contact Paulina Camino at paulina.camino@sheridancollege.ca or 905.845.9430 x8617.
  1. Arts and Aging
    Numerous studies have shown how participation in the creative and performing arts has the capacity to positively impact cognition, socialization, emotional health, physical fitness and over-all quality of life for older adults, regardless of their physical and/or cognitive abilities.On the second Wednesday of every month, we will explore the arts and its relationship to aging well. Articles will discuss arts based research projects, innovative arts programs, older adult artists, events and resources in the field of creative aging.
  1. Technology and Aging
    Studies have shown that older adults are the fastest growing group that is ‘going online’ and using the Internet, and the fast paced world of technology is reaching far beyond using only home computers as a means of staying connected. Today’s technologies allow older adults to communicate regularly with friends and family from anywhere in the world, support their activities and interests and create opportunities for life-long learning.On the third Wednesday of every month, we will provide information on the latest technologies available to older adults. Robots for caregiving, health and home monitors and medication management tools are just a few of the ways new and innovative technologies are helping older adults age well.
  2. Guest bloggers
    There are many critical issues that face an aging population, and exploring these issues from multiple points of view can lead to clarity and depth of understanding.On the fourth Wednesday of every month, we will feature a guest blogger who is an expert in the field of aging. Issues that touch the lives of older adults will be addressed such as transportation, housing, ageism, fitness, health, social isolation and cognitive well-being.We hope you enjoy the new monthly structure of our blog. Let us know what aging issues are important to you and your family and we will try to feature them in an upcoming post!

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