Arts and Aging: Enriching Communities Through the Performing Arts

There is extensive and robust evidence that engagement in meaningful activities, such as participation in the arts, contributes to a wide range of positive health outcomes including personal control, self-esteem, physical health, functional independence, cognitive function and lower mortality rates. Participation also reduces health inequalities, promotes independence and reduces reliance on health services and the cost of providing them.”
~ University of Alberta Research on Aging, Policies, and Practice

Engaging in the performing arts is one of the ways older adults can reap the associated benefits of active participation in creative expression.

Founded in 1978, Stagebridge is oldest theatre company “for and of seniors” in the United States. One of the many programs offered at Stagebridge provides opportunities to demonstrate “in action the many ways in which elders improve and enrich our culture and our communities”. Storybridge is an intergenerational experience using “specially trained elders” to engage at-risk local students through storytelling. To see the Storybridge program in action check out the video below:


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