Business of Aging: The Growing Phenomena of Seniorpreneurs

As we mentioned in a previous blog, a seniorpreneur is an older adult who creates a new business that usually takes advantage of their extensive work experience, well-established networks, and desire to remain engaged. Often older adult entrepreneurs are able to recognize a need and create innovative solutions based on their years of life experience.

An article entitled Late Bloomers: These Entrepreneurs are Tapping a Lifetime of experience in their business, highlights the stories of ten seniorpreneurs who draw
on a lifetime of experiences to create successful businesses. For example, entrepreneur Pete Decomo shares that “The Vietnam experience taught me to handle stress in a way that most people never experience. To this day, when I feel a little stressed in my startup role, I say to myself you handled that, you can handle this.” Their stories are all different but what they all seem to have in common is good business acumen and the willingness to “go for it”.

Join us at the next Business of Aging: Information Exchange Network (BA:IEN) meeting on Wednesday, April 27, for a conversation about the Centre’s Seniorpreneurship Think Tank. See flyer for details.

BAIEN mtg Apr_27_16


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